We’re a chatty bunch in the MarTech industry! With a rapidly evolving industry, it’s great to see how many voices there are offering help and solutions to immediate challenges and creating the narrative for the future and role of our industry.


We’ve curated a selection of podcasts for your listening pleasure. Great listening as you walk around your neighborhood, drive in your car or need to drown out the cartoons on the television.

MarTech Insiders

Influencer: One who exerts influence. A person who inspires or guides the actions of others


Ours is a generous community with so many willing to contribute their time and expertise to help others. It would be absurd to create a ranked list of top influencers, it’s not a competition! Instead, we’ve compiled a list of Insiders that have created communities, are leading discussions on LinkedIn, writing about MarTech, and digging deep to analyze data and identify trends, individuals you probably want to know!