About Us

Time is at a Premium

When COVID hit, we sat down with the executive team at CabinetM to discuss how we could deliver additional value to the marketing technology community. Brainstorming led us to ideas for a community site, a new type of newsletter, a job board for marketing ops professionals looking for work, a video series, and more. We ended up with a long list of things to develop and introduce and then realized that all of these things already exist and have been done exceptionally well by a wide variety of marketing technologists, agencies, vendors, and consultants.

What doesn’t exist is free time to investigate and explore now that we are working from home, juggling new responsibilities, managing remote teams, and having to rethink our technology strategy in a changing environment. We decided that the best contribution we could make would be to make it easy for marketing technology, operations, and vendor professionals to find the resources needed for job and career success.

“Many hands make light work”

John Heywood

We hope that you like what we’ve built and that we can make your life a little bit easier by giving you some precious time back!

—- Jill (Content Marketing CabinetM)