LibraryM Media Kit

About LibraryM

LibraryM is a resource site for the Marketing Technology industry that showcases all the information marketing technology & operations professionals need to be successful. Our mission is to make it easy for our community to find the groups, experts, publications, companies, and sources working hard to make sense of the rapidly evolving marketing technology landscape, creating best practices, offering advice, and willing to lend a helping hand.

Contributions to LibraryM

LibraryM welcomes contributions to the site at no charge in the form of educational material that provides useful information for the MarTech community at large.  This information could be presented as data points, a slide of the week, a written post, an ebook, book, or market data. Contributors will be cited in all information we publish on the site. Note: We will also post industry (non-vendor) events at no charge. If you have something to contribute please reach out.

Sponsorship Opportunity Overview

There is an opportunity to showcase sponsored content on almost every page of the LibraryM site.  Sponsored content must relate to the content of the page. Content can take the form of:

  • eBook or Whitepaper
  • Image with CTA
  • Image carousel with CTA
  • Video with CTA
  • Presentation/Slideshare
  • Survey or Poll
  • Event Listing (we charge a modest fee to add vendor webinars and events to our calendar)

Any sponsored content must provide value to the community in some way, and cannot take the form of a digital advertisement for a specific vendor.

Reach out to discuss your sponsorship needs.