New Tools in Customer Engagement, Contact Center Systems, Social Media Management, SMS Marketing, List Development, Lead Generation, App Marketplaces, Advertising, Enterprise Data Management, and Content Creation

What's New

New Products

  • CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT: Synup announced the launch of Messenger, a multi-location customer communication solution that allows customers to get a consolidated view to manage, and respond to multi-location messages at scale.
  • CONTACT CENTER: S-NET Communications announced the launch of S-NET Engage, a comprehensive, multi-flow contact center solution that helps companies deliver seamless, automated, and personalized customer experience journeys across channels including voice, SMS, email, web chat, fax, and Facebook.
  • SM MANAGEMENT: PLANOLY announced the launch of Video Planner, a new tool that simplifies taking video content from “idea to post,” thanks to its ability to plan and publish video content from one place.
  • SMS: Hustle announced the launch of Broadcast, a new texting solution in the Hustle platform that equips businesses and nonprofits with the power to communicate with thousands of people in just one click.
  • LIST DEV: Lusha announced the launch of Salesforce Data Enrichment, an automated enrichment solution enabling users to continuously enrich their Salesforce contact and company database’s with fresh and relevant data.
  • LEAD GEN: Verse announced the launch of Verse Capture, a chatbot alternative that provides businesses with the ability to transform website traffic into real-time 2-way text conversations powered by Human-Guided AI.
  • MARKETPLACE: announced the release of the Marketplace, a portal for customers to integrate their favorite technologies with Zesty’s headless CMS at the core.
  • ADVERTISING: DISQO announced the launch of Outcomes Lift, the cross-platform advertising campaign measurement solution that provides advertisers with increased visibility into the entire customer experience journey.
  • EDM: Flow Security announced the launch of their data security platform that discovers and protects both data at rest and in motion.
  • CONTENT CREATION: Writer announced the launch of CoWrite, a GPT-powered AI writing tool that is trained based on a customer’s own content.

Product Updates

  • EMAIL SECURITY: RevBits announced the launch of RevBits Secure Email Gateway, adding an additional layer to its existing, client-side email security, and giving customers the capability to defend against sophisticated malicious emails from the point of email reception, down to the user inbox.
  • CONTACT CENTER: RingCentral announced several innovations across both its business cloud phone system and its unified business communications platform that help customers automate menial tasks, reduce app switching, and create custom workflows to solve unique business needs.
  • INTENT: Contentgine launched new AI and ML capabilities for its Content Indication Platform to uncover greater content consumption insights more readily for B2B marketers.
  • VIDEO CREATION: Wochit announced a self-serve version of their video creation product, designed to be easily embedded and white-labeled by organizations looking to add video editing to their platform for their customers.
  • ANALYTICS: ManageEngine announced that its IT analytics product, Analytics Plus, is now available as a SaaS offering, enabling users to set up a fully functional, integrated analytics platform in under 60 seconds.
  • PRIVACY: YouAttest announced YouAttest Enterprise, an enhanced and customized edition of the company’s cloud-based identity governance solution for companies and organizations requiring cost-efficient but effective security and compliance for users, roles and applications.
  • CMS: Storyblok announced the newest version of their CMS that includes a fresh user interface complete with an all new design experience, collaboration tools, and an enhanced digital asset manager designed to improve content workflows.
  • CDP: Lytics announced the launch of Lytics Private Instance and Lytics Private Cloud on Google Cloud, two new capabilities that help enterprises centralize and harness data from a myriad of sources to help improve the customer experience.
  • SM MANAGEMENT: Sprout Social announced the addition of Instagram Reels to its video management capabilities, to help support brands in organizing and growing their end-to-end video strategy.
  • VIDEO CREATION: Wondershare launched the latest version of Filmora with upgraded features like denoise and quick split mode for users to make their storytelling more compelling without boundaries.


  • DATA: Accenture has acquired Tenbu, a cloud data firm that specializes in solutions for intelligent decision-making and planning through areas such as analytics, big data and machine learning.
  • ANALYTICS: UiPath announced it has acquired Re:infer, a natural language processing company for unstructured documents and communications, enabling UiPath software robots to understand email context and semantics, online chats, and voice sessions, delivering superior customer service interactions.
  • ANALYTICS: IRI and The NPD Group have completed their merger to create a leading global technology, analytics and data provider to offer clients a comprehensive, accurate view of consumer behavior and total retail purchasing and consumption trends across a broad range of industries.
  • PERSONALIZATION: mParticle announced that it has acquired Vidora, an AI personalization platform for customer data, that will help to improve decisioning, segmentation, and personalization.

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