New Tools in Web Development, Analytics, Content Marketing, EDM, Audience Segmentation, and HR

What's New

New Products

  • WEB DEVELOPMENT: Helpmonks announced the launch of Urlmonks, a platform that helps companies shorten branded links for their domain. 
  • ANALYTICS: Ardoq launched Ardoq Discover, a tool designed to democratize the Enterprise Architecture across the organization enabling insights-driven decisions at speed that lead to profitable transformation over time.
  • CONTENT MARKETING: iStock launched VisualGPS Insights, an interactive tool that helps businesses make smarter decisions about their visual content.
  • EDM: Kaizen Analytix introduced its new Anomaly Detection Engine that systematically searches through all segments of a company’s data to quickly identify outliers that lead to fraud, customer churn, revenue leakage, and other issues that impact profits.
  • AUDIENCE SEGMENTATION: Dataline launched Wodwo, an AI audience modeling platform built for marketers that enables marketers to easily build their own custom models.
  • HR: Fiverr launched Togetherr, a new platform for building world-class creative teams and connecting them with leading global brands and agencies.

Product Updates

  • CONTENT MARKETING: Anyword has announced the implementation of its Customer Personas feature, a new setting that allows users to automatically generate copy designed to resonate with specific customer profiles.
  • WEB PERFORMANCE: GoTo announced new features and Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) capabilities for its GoTo Resolve product, helping businesses proactively address issues before they become IT problems.
  • VIDEO: Vimeo announced the launch of new interactive video capabilities including an intuitive code-free video editor, AI-powered clickable hotspots, fully-customizable overlays, video branching, shoppable video functionality, and comprehensive reporting and analytics.
  • PERSONALIZATION: Intellimize unveiled a new no-code website visual editor and a no-code audience builder, both of which allow brands to optimize their digital ad spend by creating a cohesive ad-to-website experience for the customer.
  • PRIVACY: BigID announced expanded risk management capabilities with out-of-the-box executive risk reporting, empowering customers to easily and accurately report on their data risk posture across their environment, with an automated high-level view of findings, risk, and coverage to share with stakeholders across the company.
  • eCOMMERCE: WooCommerce announced expanded functionality for in-person payments with its card reader that allows for fast transactions and automatic inventory syncing.


  • WEB DEVELOPMENT: WP Engine announced it has acquired five of the most popular developer-centric tools for WordPress from Delicious Brains, including Advanced Custom Fields, WP Migrate, WP Offload Media, WP Offload SES, and Better Search Replace, all helping to strengthen the company’s offerings for both traditional and headless managed WordPress.
  • PLM: 1WorldSync announced the acquisition of Aligntrac Solutions, a content management and syndication enablement company that will help to expand integration options, provide customers with additional capabilities and deliver a seamless platform experience.
  • CMS: Contentoo announced it has acquired all assets of Contentbox, a software platform that uses AI and NLP technology to create custom-written short form content such as SEO landing pages, product descriptions, online ads, and blog posts.
  • SEM: Mediaocean announced that it has acquired Drishyam AI, a software company that automates the process of identifying the content of ads, interpreting their meaning, and optimizing them at scale.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Entrust announced the acquisition of electronic signatures and identity verification solutions provider Evidos, allowing Entrust to enable all-digital workflows easily with trusted cloud-based e-signature solutions.
  • EDM: Epicor announced it has acquired Data Interchange, a provider of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) cloud technologies and managed services, empowering Epicor customers to connect businesses and trading partners, increase efficiency, and drive value in the supply chain.
  • EVENTS: MeetingPlay + Aventri announced the acquisition of eventcore, a comprehensive event registration technology platform delivering bespoke event registration services for organizations looking for tailored solutions for the most complex events.
  • MARKET RESEARCH: Dynata announced its acquisition of Branded Research, a provider of high-quality, proprietary panel communities whose audience-on-demand platform generates nearly 15 million high-quality completed surveys annually.

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