New Tools in SEM, Productivity, Web Performance, Advertising, Virtual Reality, Video Creation, Email Marketing Platforms, and eCommerce

What's New

New Products

  • SEM: Deepcrawl launched Monitor Hub, its newest enterprise-grade solution for technical SEO and website health insights.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Gocious unveiled its Product Roadmap Management solution that enables a holistic view of an entire product team’s scope, allowing them to respond faster, and provide better issue resolutions under a single source of truth that ensures product and organizational goals are aligned.
  • WEB PERFORMANCE: SecureAuth launched Arculix, an identity and access management platform that combines orchestration, leading-edge passwordless technology, and continuous authentication.
  • ADVERTISING: LifeStreet announced the launch of Nero, a mobile demand side platform that makes it easy for marketers to set up A/B performance tests to determine which configurations of a bidding strategy have the greatest impact on campaign performance.
  • VR: SimInsights announced HyperSkill, a no-code 3D simulation software for Virtual and Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence powered training.
  • VIDEO: Zuddl launched Zuddl Studio, a simple web-based video production and streaming platform that empowers companies, agencies, and freelancers to create broadcast-quality video content themselves.
  • SEM: SE Ranking launched a new on-page SEO checker tool designed to show how your page measures against competitors and help you outrank them.
  • EMAIL: Pipedrive announced Campaigns, a new integrated marketing solution designed to help customers simplify campaign management, and bring their sales and marketing teams onto one revenue management platform.
  • eCOMMERCE: Jotform announced Jotform Store Builder, a no-code tool for small businesses to build an online store in minutes.

Product Updates

  • IDENTITY: Telesign unveiled a new brand identity reflecting the company’s corporate transformation and redefined business strategy.
  • SM MARKETING: Later announced a new partner integration with TikTok, which provides various new features to its platform including the ability to auto publish TikToks, engage with followers, and access TikTok analytics.
  • CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT: Factoreal unveiled two new features including the ability to hyper-personalize email campaigns according to customer segmentation, and a “Whatsapp for Commerce” feature that enables businesses to better connect with users on Whatsapp.
  • CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT: Mapp updated its marketing platform, Mapp Cloud with multiple new features including a new Marketing Calendar which enables users to see both sent and scheduled campaigns in a single location, advanced statistics for mobile in-app messages, and more.
  • VIDEO CREATION: Screencast-O-Matic introduced new interactive video quizzing functionality that brings a robust set of features to quickly and easily create video quizzes, polls, and surveys.
  • CUSTOMER JOURNEY: Glassbox revealed the latest offerings on its Digital Experience Intelligence platform including Voice-of-Customer (VoC) and User Timelines, both aimed at humanizing the customer journey and providing deeper insights to help customers meet their users’ needs by understanding the customer experience across their entire lifecycle with their brand.
  • SMS MARKETING: OneSignal announced the addition of a visual workflow builder called Journeys, to their customer engagement platform, helping to provide their customers with customized user experiences.


  • CX: Dstny announced the acquisition of intelligent customer experience platform provider Tactful AI, extending Dstny’s products portfolio and helping companies enhance customer engagement operations across modern digital and traditional voice channels.
  • MARKET RESEARCH: Productboard announced that it has acquired SatisMeter, a feedback platform for modern product teams that measures user engagement through in-product touchpoints at every stage of the customer journey.
  • ADVERTISING: Spectrio announced that it has acquired Ping HD, a digital signage company that will give clients access to a wide range of new services, as well as a cohort of award-winning content creators to help bring their brand to life in new and unique ways.
  • CONTENT: Shutterstock announced the acquisition of Splash News, one of the world’s leading entertainment news networks for newsrooms and media companies.
  • WEB DEVELOPMENT: Airship announced that it has acquired Gummicube, the original App Store Optimization innovator, that together will help brands optimize value across the entire mobile app lifecycle, driving greater organic growth, ROAS, retention, loyalty and monetization.
  • SECURITY: Lookout announced it has acquired SaferPass, a Password Management company that provides secure online identity solutions for both consumers and businesses.
  • SEM: seoClarity announced the acquisition of RankSense’s technology, furthering the growth of their new SEO execution platform, ClarityAutomate.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Gupshup announced the acquisition of OneDirect, the omnichannel, AI-enabled, customer service platform, strengthening Gupshup’s suite of conversational solutions and enabling superior omnichannel conversational engagement with a live Agent Assist solution.
  • MARKET RESEARCH: NP Digital announced the acquisition of AnswerThePublic, a Keyword Research Tool that will further expand the technology capabilities of NP Digital’s Ubersuggest and provide deeper insights to marketers.

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