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What's New

New Products

  • SM MONITORING: Qualtrics announced Qualtrics Social Connect, a new digital customer service and social listening solution that enables contact center, marketing and CX teams to capture, analyze and respond to the millions of customer service requests they receive through chat, email and social media.
  • TARGETING: Dstillery announced ID-free Custom AI, its new behavioral targeting solution that allows advertisers to reach their best audiences without user tracking.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Clearspan unveiled Ping, a customizable communications and collaboration solution that delivers secure voice, video and messaging anywhere, anytime and on any device.
  • SEM: Moz announced the launch of the Competitive Research Suite, which is its SEO toolset that provides users with targeted competitive insights, and surfaces top search competitors and pinpoints strategic keyword and content opportunities to help outrank them with tools like Keyword Gap, and Traffic Lift.
  • BRAND MANAGEMENT: Fuel Cycle announced the launch of Brand Health Tracking, a new tool that uses advanced analytics for brand health tracking data, giving actionable insights into a company’s key performance metrics.
  • SM MARKETING: LTK launched its new self-serve solution LTK Connect that enables brands of all sizes to directly build, manage and scale their influencer marketing plans across publishing platforms.
  • ABM: Integrate announced the launch of Precision Social, which helps activate target account lists to measure account-level engagement as part of Integrate’s cross-channel activation offerings.
  • CONTENT MARKETING: GoCharlie.AI announced Charlie, a multimodal AI engine tailored to marketing to draft optimal social media marketing content.
  • MOPs: Leadspace launched Leadspace Studio, a performance marketing tool targeted at business users to double results across their funnel by creating high-performing segments and directly activating them across marketing automation and digital media platforms.
  • ML: Elemeno announced its machine learning operations platform to help companies leverage the benefits of artificial intelligence, and offers intuitive user experience for data scientists building ML models – from zero to one.

Product Updates

  • LIST DEVELOPMENT: TowerData and FreshAddress, which recently merged, announced their rebranding as AtData, which will provide technology-driven email solutions that help companies capture accurate, safe and complete first party data.
  • RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: ironSource announced the launch of Luna Views, allowing customers using ironSource Luna app marketing software to easily and quickly access critical campaign breakdowns that would normally require resource-intensive manual work of a BI team.
  • PLM: Productboard announced a suite of features to easily convert customer feedback into actionable insights through smart automations, drive alignment through embeddable, interactive roadmaps, and make more informed decisions with clear, streamlined prioritization frameworks.
  • CONTACT CENTER: Acqueon announced enhancements to its Conversational Intelligence capabilities, including AI-powered Real-time Agent Guidance, Real-time Agent Coaching & Real-time QA, all built directly into the platform.
  • ADVERTISING: DeepIntent announced Patient Reach Guarantee, guaranteeing that programmatic campaigns conducted on the DeepIntent platform will reach verified patient audiences for specific health conditions across CTV, display, and digital video.
  • AUTOMATION: FMG Suite announced it has rebranded to FMG, while also introducing enhancements to its mobile app, and platform, including with their new “Do It For Me Marketing” feature, new editing capabilities, and a Reputational Management tool.
  • VIDEO CREATION: Loom launched new video editing tools that provide users with video stitching capabilities to record at different times, on different devices, or with different people to create one cohesive video.


  • SM MARKETING: Mavrck announced the acquisition of social media marketing and commerce platform Later, and together will solve creator measurement and monetization at scale, to better serve both brands and creators.
  • HR: ZoomInfo announced it has acquired recruitment marketing and employer branding platform Comparably, that together with ZoomInfo’s TalentOS will help to deliver a powerful talent solution that gives companies the ability to engage and hire candidates with much more sophistication and influence.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Zenvia announced it closed the acquisition of Movidesk, the help desk platform that will help Zenvia provide enhanced communication through a customer service capable of answering questions about products and services, and a service desk that addresses brand-related system issues.
  • EMAIL: ActiveCampaign acquired the Postmark and DMARC Digest service offerings, both of which will help further advance ActiveCampaign’s ability to offer the power of transactional messaging with sales and marketing automation alongside CRM.
  • MARKET RESEARCH: DISQO announced the acquisition of product research platform Feedback Loop, which together will help DISQO facilitate a comprehensive understanding of brand, product, and customer experiences for any organization.

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