New Tools in CDP, Web Performance, Advertising, Product Discovery, CX, Web Development, Video Management, Analytics, and Intelligent Agents

What's New

New Products

  • CDP: Fulcrum announced its CDP that allows companies to capture and unify first-party data to create personalized experiences based on the interests and behavior of every customer.
  • WEB PERFORMANCE: Arkose Labs announced the launch of Arkose Detect, a fraud detection product that provides customers with a risk score that enables them to tune their internal fraud models to accurately detect malicious bots and human-driven attacks.
  • ADVERTISING: AUDIENCEX announced the launch of Admatx, a self-service DSP built with the goal of democratizing access to enterprise-level programmatic technology for SMB and mid-market performance advertisers.​​
  • PRODUCT DISCOVERY: Kalyankar Analytics announced the launch of Seqwa, an AI-Powered search solution for businesses looking to integrate full-text search, semantic search, and personalized recommendations into search systems.
  • CX: Instreamatic launched Speaky, a many-to-one communication solution that enables customers to instantly and easily speak their minds to brands or content producers by leaving brief audio messages at any physical or digital brand touchpoint.
  • WEB DEVELOPMENT: Esri released StoryMaps, a personal storytelling tool that enables everyone with varying digital skills to create custom content without requiring cartography or web design experience.
  • WEB PERFORMANCE: announced its AI-assisted cybersecurity platform that captures and merges institutional expert knowledge with organizational context for generating unique AI models to scale security operations. 
  • VIDEO MANAGEMENT: Wowza Media Systems launched Wowza Video, an integrated video platform that powers live streaming and video on demand (VOD) for organizations looking to enhance their products and services with video.
  • ANALYTICS: Converseon launched their suite of subscription based “Decision Intelligence” solutions designed to leverage conversation data to not only predict business outcomes such as sales, shareholder value, and customer loyalty metrics, but to also quantify the likely impact of specific actions before they are taken.
  • INTELLIGENT AGENTS: Plainsight introduced Vision AI, its on-demand SaaS platform equipped with fully integrated tools and complete vision AI workflows that facilitate dataset creation, model training, and production deployments to reveal valuable insights within your visual data.

Product Updates

  • PRODUCTIVITY: Zoom announced the general availability of Zoom Whiteboard, a modern digital canvas that provides a unified, more visually engaging and efficient solution for collaboration and creation within the Zoom platform. 
  • EDM: Confluent announced several new capabilities into their data streaming platform including new role-based access controls that enable granular permissions on the data plane level to ensure data compliance and privacy at scale, and expanded Confluent Cloud Metrics API that delivers enterprise-wide observability to optimize data streaming performance across the entire business.
  • SECURITY: ZeroFox announced the general availability of a comprehensive set of intelligence feeds that enhance alert context and prioritize remediation efforts for fraud, identity, network and dark web underground intelligence.
  • PRIVACY: BigID announced advanced ML-driven capabilities, that bring customizable NLP classifiers to customers for faster time to insight, more accurate understanding of data, and data insights that makes sense for today’s modern data challenges.
  • WEB OPTIMIZATION: UserTesting announced new test templates for their Human Insight Platform that enables companies focused on or interested in sustainability to obtain rapid feedback from their target audiences via customizable, out-of-the-box test plan templates. 


  • HR: Whatfix announced the acquisition of, a mobile-first onboarding and assistance platform that brings the value of digital adoption platforms to mobile applications, helping to extend Whatfix’s mobile capabilities.
  • ADVERTISING: DigitalReef has completed the acquisition of CTV advertising software platform Column6, which will provide DigitalReef with expanded capabilities and expertise in programmatic advertising and streaming media ad management.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Hightouch announced it acquired Workbase, a workflow automation startup that helps RevOps teams build workflows on top of data warehouses like Snowflake.
  • LEAD GEN: Uniphore announced the acquisition of Colabo, an AI-powered knowledge automation system that specializes in collecting and leveraging information from structured and unstructured documents in real time.
  • CONVERSATIONAL MARKETING: Gupshup announced the acquisition of Conversational AI provider AskSid, which will strengthen Gupshup’s CX offerings and will help make the entire shopping journey fully conversational.
  • ANALYTICS: Accenture has acquired Ergo, a data-centered business that helps companies create a culture of data-driven decision-making using big data, analytics and artificial intelligence, which will help expand Accenture’s Cloud First capabilities to drive data-led transformations.
  • CX: Medallia announced the acquisition of CXTeam, a customer experience consulting firm, and together with CXTeam’s deep expertise and experience, Medallia can help more organizations use Medallia Experience Cloud to drive faster ROI.
  • VIDEO CREATION: ON24 announced it has acquired cloud video software company VIBBIO, and together will help marketers be able to produce video content that creates more engagement, generates first-party data, and drives personalization.

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