New Products in Content Creation, Contact Center, CX Advertising, Security, Video Management, Analytics, List Development, Machine Learning, Enterprise Data Management, and Business Management

What's New

New Products

  • CONTENT CREATION: Slazzer announced Slazzer Infinity, an AI and Automation software that makes it simple for anyone to remove image backgrounds automatically offline with no restrictions on quantity, megapixel resolution or file size.
  • CONTACT CENTER: Google has introduced the Google Cloud Contact Center AI Platform, extending their Cloud Contact Center AI offering to a full end to end Contact Center solution, reimagining the contact center customer experience.
  • ADVERTISING: Infillion announced the launch of AttnX, a connected TV advertising value-exchange ad experience product built for connected TVs, desktop, and mobile that secures consumers’ opt-in interest and respects their time and attention, before the ad experience begins.
  • SECURITY: ColorTokens announced the launch of Xcloud, their agentless, automated, and deep scanning technology solution that finds the most elusive threats across cloud and container environments fast and without disruption.
  • VIDEO MANAGEMENT: StoryFile launched Conversa, a no-code platform with a subscription-based web-app for enterprises that provide the technical tools for companies and institutions to create compelling interactive conversational video content for their teams, clients, and the public.
  • ANALYTICS: Voxco announced an extension to their existing survey research platform with the launch of Voxco Intelligence, a no-code analytics platform that will help organizations unlock the true potential of customer data using predictive analytics, AI and machine learning models.
  • ANALYTICS: Adjust launched Adjust Datascape, an advanced analytics solution that empowers app marketers with time-saving reporting, visualization, and analysis tools across all data sources, on one screen.
  • LIST DEVELOPMENT: Validity launched DemandTools Elements, a cloud-based solution that allows businesses to easily dedupe data within Salesforce, and enables teams to operate efficiently with trustworthy data.
  • ML: launched their text processing software for data scientists who want to solve complex problems with machine learning, especially domain specific problems that require expertise for curating and labeling.
  • EDM: announced its identity-centric data privacy automation platform that fosters autonomous privacy management tying together discovery, cataloging, access controls, and data loss prevention. 
  • ANALYTICS: announced Eureka, a suite of knowledge-graph powered catalog capabilities that activate metadata and speed time to data-driven answers and insights.
  • BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: DocuSign introduced CLM Essentials, a contract lifecycle management offering designed to help growing businesses centrally manage contracts and automate work.
  • CX: Sabio Group announced Sabio Console, an AI-powered CX platform that will provide customers with the tools required to design, build, deploy and scale complex and automated customer interactions across multiple channels.

Product Updates

  • SEM: Ahrefs introduced a new usage-based pricing model that allows customers to better align their use of Ahrefs with their specific needs.
  • CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT: Upwave unveiled its new social measurement ability, to help brands measure the impact of brand advertising on Facebook and YouTube, to complement measuring web, mobile, CTV, and linear.
  • RISK: Dataminr introduced new capabilities integrated into Dataminr Pulse including new advanced geovisualization and intuitive collaboration workflow capabilities that allow enterprises to collaborate and manage responses to crises effectively with rich visual context.
  • ADVERTISING: Xandr announced the launch of Inventory Library on its Invest DSP, offering an innovative deal discovery and activation workflow with intuitive, visual navigation and unmatched searchability.
  • ADVERTISING: Integral Ad Science unveiled a series of new features including new unified view reporting and detailed insights within its report builder, to provide advertisers with increased visibility into campaign performance.
  • PR: Notified by Intrado announced expanded capabilities in its Notified PR Cloud including expanded social listening content, more robust options for global press release distribution, expanded newswire analytics, and additional global sources for content monitoring.
  • EMAIL: Campaign Monitor announced new SMS capabilities that will give marketers more opportunities to drive engagement and loyalty with their customers across channels.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE/AUTOMATION: Salesforce introduced new call and CDP features for their Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud, giving marketers the ability to use more conversational intelligence and identity resolution capabilities to boost customer engagement.
  • TARGETING: MobileFuse announced an update to their CTV targeting and measurement capabilities that are designed to drive conversions and target audiences via custom data sets, and also retarget desired audiences across environments, from CTV to mobile, to DOOH and in-app.


  • BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: Microsoft has acquired process mining technology vendor Minit, helping their customers create a more complete picture of their processes, and identifying which of those processes are ripe for automation.
  • EMAIL SECURITY: Cloudflare announced it has completed its acquisition of Area 1 Security, and will now be able to provide organizations with an easy way to block phishing, malware, business email compromise and other advanced threats as part of an integrated, Zero Trust approach to securing all of their organizations’ applications.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Cision announced that it has completed the acquisition of real time media monitoring company Streem, and will now provide their customers with a full suite of monitoring, distribution, insights, and social media solutions.
  • ADVERTISING: AppLovin announced it has completed the acquisition of Wurl, extending AppLovin’s software platform capabilities into the Connected TV market.
  • RETAIL: Klarna announced the completion of its acquisition of PriceRunner, the comparison shopping service that will bring new features to the Klarna app globally to help consumers save time and money, and make informed decisions to take control of their finances.
  • WEB OPTIMIZATION: Cyara announced it closed its acquisition of automated chatbot testing company, Botium, which adds chatbot and conversational AI testing capabilities to its portfolio.
  • TRAINING: Skillsoft announced it has completed its acquisition of Codecademy, an online learning platform that will bring scalable, interactive courses and hands-on learning to Skillsoft’s existing offering.
  • CONVERSATIONAL MARKETING: Gupshup announced the acquisition of Active.Ai, the Conversational AI platform that will strengthen Gupshup’s customer experience solutions for BFSI customers.
  • LIST DEVELOPMENT: Emailable announced it has acquired email verification provider Email Checker, and continues to enhance its verification strategies and provide the most accurate results possible to customers worldwide.
  • CONTENT CREATION: Ogury announced the acquisition of Motionly, a SaaS solution that designs, deploys and measures interactive rich media animations in-app and in-web, that together will help marketers deliver creatives that are visually striking and dynamically personalized.

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