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What's New

New Products

  • WEB OPTIMIZATION: AbleDocs announced ADAlign, the Accessibility Management System that aligns all of your organization’s accessibility efforts in one place.
  • MARKETING RESOURCE MANAGEMENT: ironSource announced the launch of their app marketing platform, ironSource Luna, that helps unifies every element of your marketing to empower you to drive incremental growth for your app.
  • HR: Skyminyr announced its AI-driven human capital intelligence platform that combines behavioral analytics, sector mapping, and relationship intelligence to equip companies to successfully navigate talent shortages and optimize their workforce.
  • RISK: anch.AI launched its new Ethical Governance Platform, providing an all-in-one risk assessment platform that empowers organizations to manage regulatory and ethical risk of AI.
  • CONTENT MARKETING: Maralytics announced its automated marketing solution that gets data directly from POS, to give real-time, reliable figures with the flexibility to upload your own results.
  • eCOMMERCE: Emplifi announced the launch of Emplifi ShopStream by Go Instore, a one-to-many live shopping experience that helps brands reach unlimited audiences through interactive live video streaming.
  • ADVERTISING: InMobi launched Meson, an independent SaaS mediation platform designed to provide app publishers with the ability to fully own and manage their data, control each aspect of their monetization, user experience, and linkages to user acquisition, and transparently review the end-to-end flow of advertising dollars to understand their true take rate.

Product Updates

  • PRODUCTIVITY: Creately announced the launch of a new Creately that now consists of a free-form visual canvas that provides users with an infinite space to go from ideation to execution and beyond in a single workspace.
  • EVENTS: Convey Services demonstrated new capabilities to bolster Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) by adding the ability to digitally engage internal and external audiences with its virtual event and content management platform Cloud Conventions. 
  • CONTENT CREATION: iSpring Solutions announced the release of a new iSpring Suite Max feature that will let content creators make courses in multiple languages much faster, no longer needing to translate and rebuild courses manually for employees located in different countries.
  • EDM: Domo announced several enhancements to its cloud-based platform that make it easier than ever to put data to work for everyone, with the speed, scale and user experience (UX) needed to tackle any business challenge through data apps.
  • AUTOMATION: Pegasystems announced the latest edition of its Pega Infinity™ software suite that helps empower organizations to quickly deploy apps, create smarter workflows, and deliver better experiences for businesses and their customers.
  • EVENTS: Airmeet unveiled Airmeet 360° Analytics, a measurement solution intended to track and analyze event performance.


  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Dixa announced the acquisition of AI-powered customer service solution Miuros and conversational AI brand Solvemate, furthering their vision to set a new standard in experience and data-driven conversational customer service, providing brands with the toolkit they need to utilize data on a new scale for automation, measurement and analytics.
  • ANALYTICS: Mode announced that it has completed the acquisition of Muze and its in-browser data visualization technology, which has already enhanced Mode’s Visual Explorer with multiple new capabilities that increase its power for analysts and business people alike.
  • DAM: Bullseye Locations announced it has acquired RevBase marketing asset management software and ForFile file transfer software, which together will create an unmatched solution for marketers to grow their businesses via sales channels and improve customer experience.
  • SM MARKETING: Lightricks announced the acquisition of Popular Pays, the company that connects brands with creators to enable an agile approach to advertising for brands, and powerful monetization opportunities for creators.
  • DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT: PandaDoc announced the acquisition of LiveNotary, developer of a remote online notarization solution, that together helps PandaDoc build a full scope of digital document management solutions for SMBs, including legally binding agreements, transactions, proposals and more.

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