New Tools in Analytics, Human Resources, eCommerce, and Marketing Operations

What's New

New Products

  • ANALYTICS: datafuelX launched their advertising analytics company and will offer two predictive analytics solutions, precisionX and outcomeX, aimed at helping media companies, agencies and brands increase the efficiency of ad spend and improve reach and targeting capabilities in linear and addressable TV environments.
  • HR: Visier announced the launch of Visier People Cloud, the people analytics platform designed to help executives make better decisions that influence people-powered business performance.
  • eCOMMERCE: Prodport announced the public launch of their eCommerce product intelligence platform that enables brands to deliver product experiences tailored to each customer.
  • MARKETING OPS: AvePoint launched Entrust, a SaaS management product designed to streamline the management of Microsoft 365 admin users, processes, and data insights.

Product Updates

  • EDM: Collibra announced product updates, expanded integrations, new tools and services for its Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud, all designed to drive clarity and ensure that every user can be as productive as possible.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Smartsheet announced new integration capabilities with Brandfolder, Smartsheet’s digital asset management platform, which helps marketers better manage their work, content, and people—from ideation to execution.
  • EMAIL: Klaviyo announced new cross-channel communication features that enable brands to more easily build opted-in customer lists, launch SMS programs for marketing and support channels, gather insight into past performance, and communicate with customers across all channels.
  • CONTENT MARKETING: Socialive announced new one-click audio capture automation capabilities that allows users to automatically extract and publish audio files from video content produced in Socialive with a single click.
  • ANALYTICS: Elastic announced enhancements across the Elastic Search Platform that enable customers to stop advanced cyber threats with new prebuilt detections and data source integrations.
  • CONTENT MARKETING: Acrolinx launched a new capability to improve digital content performance called Content Cube which gives marketers clear insight into how their content is performing by aligning performance metrics with content fitness data and providing actionable insights.
  • ANALYTICS: Alight Analytics announced a brand relaunch, officially adopting the name of their proprietary marketing analytics platform, ChannelMix, as they increase focus on developing the next generation of SaaS analytics products for marketers.
  • TEXT TOOLS: Descript announced the launch of multi-language transcription in 22 languages to help audio and video creators expand their audiences and meet the growing demand for multilingual content.
  • CONTENT MARKETING: Quickchannel announced its latest feature on its webinar platform, that allows users to add multiple remote speakers to collaborate in real-time without the need for different digital tools.


  • ANALYTICS: Snowflake announced it will acquire Streamlit, the place for building data-based apps, which will fill in a big missing piece in the Snowflake platform, by allowing data scientists and others to interact with data and build apps that bring the data to life for non-technical users.
  • TEXT TOOLS: Verbit has acquired market research transcription company Take Note, that together will help Verbit become a one-stop-shop for all voice AI needs.
  • RETAIL MARKETING: 1WorldSync announced the acquisition of e-commerce bundle technology company Swogo, and will provide immediate margin and sales growth benefits to 1WorldSync’s growing network of retail customers.
  • WEB PERFORMANCE: Google announced it is acquiring security intelligence company Mandiant, giving it access to security data gathering capabilities, as well as a team of hundreds of security consultants.
  • EDM: Nvidia announced it has acquired software-defined storage technology developer Excelero as part of a move to improve support for block storage in Nvidia’s enterprise software stack.
  • DX: Naviga announced it has acquired SaaS digital subscription and audience insight supplier Abacus, which will help Naviga further expand their digital subscription and audience insight capabilities.

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