New Tools in Productivity, Purchasing Intent, and Market Research

What's New

New Products

  • PRODUCTIVITY: Frameable launched Rehive, a modern virtual workspace that gives hybrid and remote teams the ability to self-organize into project rooms, offices, and conference rooms with collaborative whiteboards and screen shares.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Headroom launched as a video communication platform that automatically transcribes a meeting and enabling users to search the transcript for keywords that are relevant to them.
  • INTENT: Madison Logic announced ML Insights, a purchase intent solution that leverages an integrated data set to accelerate engagement and sales conversion from in-market accounts.
  • MARKET RESEARCH: Voxco launched Voxco Audience, a fully automated market research platform that gives researchers the ability to access a wide pool of opinions, field an online sample study quickly and efficiently, and reduce sample costs and time spent managing their projects.

Product Updates

  • SEM: Optmyzr unveiled significant enhancements to its Amazon Ads management capabilities as part of the Optmyzr PPC Management Suite, putting greater automation and visibility into the hands of today’s PPC pro.
  • EDM: Bigeye released Dashboard and Issues — a pair of integrated features that create a complete data quality workflow from a holistic understanding of the state of data quality to a smarter way to resolve issues.
  • ANALYTICS: Tellius announced Live Insights, a new capability for users to quickly generate powerful data analysis within their cloud data warehouses.
  • AUDIENCE SEGMENTATION: Optable made several enhancements to its platform, enabling clients to protect the privacy of their users when sharing statistical and aggregated data with their partners.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Dialpad announced new enhancements to Dialpad Meetings, including virtual backgrounds, improved screen sharing capabilities, unique meeting links, and simple “click-to-join” meeting access.
  • CDP: mParticle announced a Data Subject Rights (DSR) Forwarding feature that offers the capability to automatically forward erasure requests to supported outputs, greatly reducing compliance risks from human error.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Fuze announced the newest version of their desktop application, giving users access to faster loading, improved responsiveness, and includes enhanced capabilities that maximize user productivity and maintain business continuity within increasingly hybrid work models.


  • ADVERTISING: Quartile announced it has acquired Sidecar, a performance marketing technology provider for e-commerce retailers and brands that works across all major advertising platforms, and together will create a comprehensive and powerful eCommerce suite.
  • INTEGRATIONS: SQream announced that it has acquired no-code data platform Panoply in an effort to expand its cloud services.

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