New Tools in Analytics, Customer Engagement, Video Creation, and Conversational Marketing

What's New

New Products

  • ANALYTICS: Amplitude introduced Amplitude Experiment, an experimentation solution powered by customer behavior and product analytics that provides organizations an end-to-end experimentation and delivery workflow that integrates customer data into every step from generating a hypothesis, to targeting users, to measuring results.
  • CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT: Annex Cloud announced the launch of their Loyalty Experience Platform, a full-suite loyalty solution that combines best-in-class loyalty program management capabilities with powerful engagement modules to help customers seamlessly connect, engage, and grow their customer relationships at scale.
  • VIDEO CREATION: SundaySky announced the launch of its self-service Editor solution, which allows digital marketers to easily create and modify video experiences without the technical expertise, time and costs of traditional video production.
  • CONVERSATIONAL MARKETING: Comm100 announced Task Bot, its newest free solution that gives small businesses an efficient way to offer a fully automated 24/7 sales and customer service channel for their customers without taxing their budget or requiring a time-intensive setup process.
  • VIDEO CREATION: Motionbox launched a new tool to support remote, collaborative video editing, allowing users to work remotely together to edit videos in real time, which positively impacts review and approval workflows, speeding up the collaborative editing process and enabling companies to achieve more, faster.

Product Updates

  • CX: Onboard, a customer onboarding and implementation SaaS platform for modern success teams, announced new features, including Live Discussions that enable threaded conversations with less friction during Onboarding; an Insights Dashboard that exposes actionable data trends; and a deep integration with Zapier, providing customers with 3,000+ possible integrations.
  • ANALYTICS: C3 AI has enhanced the features and capabilities offered in C3 AI Ex Machina, with innovations in AutoML and feature transformation, as well as improvements to the user experience, with additions such as multiple cross validation methods, new feature engineering nodes to improve model results, a canvas mini-map, and a searchable templates page.
  • WEB PERFORMANCE: Snowflake unveiled its latest product innovations in data programmability, global data governance, and platform optimizations, to empower organizations to bring more data together in the Data Cloud, and to achieve deeper value from data and powerful business insights.
  • CONTENT MARKETING: Bambuser announced the launch of social media multi-streaming, a new capability that empowers retailers to broadcast Live Video Shopping events across popular social channels, and will enable retailers to capture large, highly-engaged audiences on third-party sites and drive them to owned e-commerce properties for engagement and conversion.
  • MARKETING OPS: Grafana Labs announced a series of product updates, including enhanced visualizations, a unified alerting system, and the debut of Grafana Tempo distributed tracing, all designed to help teams more effectively monitor systems to respond to change, as well as reduce the infrastructure needed to run their observability stack.


  • SEMiContact has acquired search engine optimization technology company Moz, to form a suite of leading SEO, email, and digital marketing solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.
  • ANALYTICS: InRule Technology announced the acquisition of explainable AI/machine learning provider simMachines, allowing enterprises to leverage the power of human-driven and machine-driven AI within a single platform, and it enables organizations to build and deploy the most extensive, accurate, and transparent decision automation strategies.
  • CONVERSATIONAL MARKETING: ZoomInfo announced it has acquired Insent, a powerful conversational marketing platform that identifies website visitors in real time, uses artificial intelligence and advanced lead routing rules to initiate real-time conversations, and increase conversions – enabling sales and marketing teams to engage and convert more website visitors.

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