New Tools in Email Security, Analytics, CX, Customer Service, and Mobile Marketing

What's New

New Products

  • EMAIL SECURITY: Valimail announced Valimail Authenticate, a fully automated and cost-effective Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) solution that authenticates email accurately, protects brands, stops phishing attacks, and improves email deliverability.
  • ANALYTICS: Databricks unveiled Databricks Machine Learning, a platform that lets data science teams build AI models based on the AutoML framework.
  • CX: The combined company of Astute Solutions and Socialbakers announced its new brand name, Emplifi and launched their Audax-backed Customer Experience (CX) platform, to give organizations the tools they need to connect social media marketing, customer care, and social commerce to address critical customer experience gaps.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Y Meadows, a technology company dedicated to empowering customer support teams with tools to elevate the quality of their service, announced the launch of its AI customer service automation solution, with the ability to understand and classify written messages by context, apply workflow automation to route them to the appropriate resource, curate relevant information from disparate systems, and generate appropriate responses.
  • MOBILE MARKETING: Amazon Web Services announced the availability of Amazon Location Service, a new service that makes it easier and more cost-effective for customers to add location functionality to their applications without compromising on user privacy or data security. The new services provides the ability to embed location functionality in their applications using data from location-based service providers Esri and HERE Technologies to provide maps, points of interest, geocoding, route planning, geofencing, or asset tracking. 
  • MOBILE MARKETING: Insiten announced the launch of Contour, a new mobile app accelerator that allows them to deliver fully customized mobile apps and web experiences for businesses both big and small — in less than half the time and cost of traditional development.

Product Updates

  • EDM: Imperva introduced a new data privacy solution to their Imperva Sonar Platform to help organizations discover, identify and protect personal data in any on-prem, cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud environment. 
  • INFLUENCER: IZEA revealed the next generation of IZEAx® Unity Suite, the company’s enterprise SaaS influencer marketing solution with improvements to the platform’s functionality and features that focus primarily on influencer discovery across leading social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok as well as blogs.
  • MARKETING AUTOMATION: FMG Suite announced the integration of a new end-to-end lead generation solution that enables financial advisors to generate ongoing inbound leads through new capabilities including branded website components, engaging content, social sequences and display ads, event marketing tools, and automated referral campaigns. 
  • CONTENT CREATION: Piktochart, the all-in-one online design platform for businesses, announced a new feature that allows users to create tables within visuals to improve workflows, as well as an upgrade to users’ storage capabilities for uploaded graphics. 
  • ANALYTICS: Tellius announced a series of major feature improvements designed to help businesses accelerate their analytics journey beyond dashboards to make better data-driven decisions, including a new Quick Start capability, proactive intelligence capabilities, and resource and data controls that enable users to start analysis quickly, ask deep questions easily, and scale in a cost effective and secure manner.


  • EDM: Relativity announced it has acquired Text IQ, an artificial intelligence startup that helps organizations identify sensitive data, as part of an effort to embed AI technologies deeper within its core platform.
  • DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT: Kofax announced it has acquired PSIGEN Software, a provider of document capture, content management and workflow automation software and solutions, together offering customers the broadest range of software and solutions in the marketplace to accelerate their digital workflow transformation journeys.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Bizzabo announced its acquisition of, the powerful artificial intelligence scheduling tool that automates the most tedious parts of meetings by generating compatible times to meet across time zones, sending follow-ups and reminders, and managing cancellations, making it easy for event participants to make meaningful connections at virtual, in-person and hybrid events.

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