New Tools in Data Management, Market Research, Customer Service, Advertising, and Content Creation

What's New

New Products

  • DATA MANAGEMENT: IDrive released IDrive Mirror, giving individuals and small businesses the ability to backup unlimited computers and server systems into a single account, and allows for direct data backup and retrieval from the IDrive cloud without any intermediary storage device.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE: Yext launched Support Answers, a suite of enterprise search solutions built for customer support teams, that help to understand the meaning behind customer questions and deliver direct answers that draw from a business’s FAQs, product manuals, help articles, and more.
  • MARKET RESEARCH: Granularity launched its market research platform that gives marketers the ability to quickly and easily set up campaigns for their target audience and receive almost immediate feedback from Granularity’s mobile app users who are incentivized to engage and respond. 
  • DATA MANAGEMENT: Commvault announced a new unified Intelligent Data Services Platform designed to meet organizations’ growing demand to intelligently manage their data, with services including Data Management & Protection, Data Security, Data Compliance & Governance, Data Transformation, and Data Insights.
  • CONTENT CREATION: Looka announced the release of its free Business Name Generator, helping entrepreneurs instantly brainstorm ideas, check domain and social media availability, and see logo designs all in one spot.
  • ADVERTISING: Position2 announced the launch of Arena Calibrate, a revolutionary ML-powered analytics platform for digital marketers that provides a powerful free solution for cross-platform campaign data integration, automated data pipelines, dynamic reporting visualizations, and ML-based campaign performance insights.

Product Updates

  • ANALYTICS: IRi announced the launch of an automated insights and decision-making suite of products to their Liquid Data platform, including Opportunity Alerts and Opportunity Predictors, both of which leverage AI and ML to process billions of data points and uncover patterns – converting data into prescriptive actions in near-real-time.
  • CDP: D4t4 Solutions launched new features for its Celebrus CDP, including 1st party real-time Identity Graph, and Profile Builder capabilities, both designed specifically to overcome immediate and inhibiting identity issues, enabling enterprises to create the highly relevant and timely ‘moments’ that their consumers have come to expect, while also powering advanced data science and analytic use cases.
  • VIDEO CREATION: Qumulo has partnered with AWS and has announced Studio Q, their cloud-based remote post production platform now has a Quick Start offering, giving AWS customers the ability to quickly spin up the entire Studio Q environment on AWS, reduce hundreds of manual procedures to just a few steps, allowing video editors and artists to get up and running immediately. 
  • DAM/PLM: Widen launched upgrades to the Widen Collective®, their enterprise DAM and PIM platform, including product hierarchies, product variants, auto-updating portals, and e-commerce syndication bundles, which will all help brands establish a product content supply chain that minimizes manual steps and maximizes speed to market.
  • CX: ReviewTrackers announced their new local listing solution that aids in future-proofing businesses by managing local business listings, and helps brands reallocate budgets to areas that will actually drive impact and revenue.
  • ADVERTISING: LinkedIn has launched a handful of new features and tools, including a new “boost” button that quickly transforms an organic post into a paid ad, a new ad format called Event Ads that helps marketers promote and measure all their events, and the page analytics that are already available online, are now available for the LinkedIn mobile app. 
  • CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT: Upwave announced the launch of Customer Lift, a new offering as a part of their analytics platform, giving marketers the ability to measure campaign impact across the entire spectrum of the campaign, from awareness building to customer acquisition.


  • EVENTS: Bizzabo announced its acquisition of Whalebone, a Swedish technology startup that enhances the experience between speakers and their audiences to humanize digital interactions, further solidifying Bizzabo’s commitment to enhancing shared event experiences for speakers and attendees, whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid.
  • ANALYTICS: Foursquare announced its acquisition of Unfolded, a geospatial visualizations and analytics platform, giving users the ability to not only access Foursquare’s industry leading location data, but work with that data in an integrated platform for merging, enriching, analyzing, and visualizing spatial data.
  • CONVERSATIONAL MARKETING: TeamSupport announced the acquisition of enterprise chat software provider, SnapEngage, and together they will help companies deliver better post-sales support to customers, increase customer retention, and improve customer engagement.
  • CONTACT CENTER: Invoca announced the acquisition of AI-powered call tracking and analytics solution provider DialogTech, expanding its conversation intelligence platform and bringing a stronger investment in product innovation, deeper expertise in key industries, and a broader ecosystem of technology partners, agencies, and digital consulting firms.
  • ADVERTISING: Digital Turbine announced it has completed its acquisition of Fyber, a leading mobile advertising monetization platform empowering global app developers to optimize profitability through quality advertising, positioning Digital Turbine to be an end-to-end solution for mobile brand acquisition and monetization.

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