New Tools in Data Management, Productivity, Video Management, Web Optimization, and Lead Generation

What's New

New Products

  • DATA MANAGEMENT: Octopai announced Data Lineage XD, taking data lineage to the next level by providing an advanced, multidimensional platform, that gives enterprises a complete, in-depth view of data flow, enabling them to drive more value from their data assets.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Filo, the platform for collaborative teams, meetings, and events, announced the launch of Filo Virtual Sales Hub, a flexible, online space where distributed revenue teams can meet, strategize, and drive growth.
  • VIDEO MANAGEMENT: CatapultX announced the launch of its On-Stream video monetization and contextual AI platform that harnesses AI to power contextually relevant and non-interruptive video ads that are integrated directly within video content, so that promotions do not interrupt the audience experience.
  • WEB OPTIMIZATION: Applause announced the availability of its new SaaS product, Applause Codeless Automation, helping brands quickly scale their test automation strategies by enabling anyone to create test automation scripts without writing a single line of code.
  • LEAD GEN: DemandScience launched PurePulse, a mid-funnel demand generation solution for B2B companies that uses primary-source decisional intent data to identify in-market buyers.

Product Updates

  • ABM: Triblio announced the release of their visual ABM campaign builder, Triblio Orchestration Canvas, that includes a UI to allow marketers to orchestrate multi-channel and multi-stage campaigns within a single ‘drag and drop’ interface.
  • ADVERTISING: Adsonica, the audio display advertising solution, announced the availability of audio analytics, powered by enterprise data platform provider Aqfer, that allows advertisers to track Audibility Rate, Listen Rate, Listen-Through Rate, Engagement Rate, Clicks, Click-Through Rate and Impressions.
  • CRM: Full Circle Insights announced a major enhancement to its popular Digital Source Tracker product called Journey Explorer, helping to chart the customer journey over time, and allowing users to customize time periods to visualize any specific day, week, month, quarter or year.
  • PODCASTING: Triton Digital announced an expansion within its podcast platform, Omny Studio, giving users enhanced reporting functionality that includes granular visibility into the total number of episodes and total minutes of audio content published, as well as enhanced categorization capabilities where users can add custom metadata fields to their content, including categories, that can help to increase the discoverability of their shows.


  • ANALYTICS: DataRobot announced the acquisition of cloud data science and analytics platform Zepl, providing business analysts with the ability to build models using the power of DataRobot’s automation, and then collaborate with their advanced data science colleagues for additional customization, all on the same platform.
  • CONTENT MARKETING: Verbit, the AI-powered transcription platform, announced it has acquired captioning products and solutions provider VITAC, enabling them to offer a deeper portfolio of transcription solutions, including experts, AI-based tools, additional languages, and integrations with video cloud platforms.
  • ANALYTICS: Amplitude announced it has acquired data planning and instrumentation provider Iteratively, empowering customers with a solution for preparing data for analytics and personalization, that pairs with their existing built-in capabilities for resolving identities, integrating data sources, and governing quality and access.
  • CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT: Wix announced the acquisition of the gift card and customer re-engagement solution for online brands, providing a full solution for merchants to manage customer re-engagement activities aimed at increasing customer spending and repurchases, including gift cards, loyalty programs, rewards and referrals.

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