New Tools in Channel Marketing, Video Creation, Productivity, and Integrations

What's New

New Products

  • CHANNEL MARKETING: Brand Wings announced the launch of its new through-channel marketing automation platform to help brands enhance their marketing and sell more through channel partners.
  • VIDEO CREATION: Piktochart, the all-in-one visual storytelling solution for businesses, announced the launch of Piktostory, the new video editing platform that enables users to turn long-form videos into bite-sized clips ready to be shared on social media channels.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: FreeConferenceCall launched Huddle.Team, a complete communication and collaboration solution that goes beyond other video conferencing systems with features that include world-class audio and video conferencing, a virtual phone for each member of a team, team chat and sharing tools.
  • INTEGRATIONS: HubSpot launched Operations Hub, a new product that gives the customer a unified toolset that connects apps, cleans customer data, and automates business processes all under one central CRM platform.

Product Updates

  • CONTACT CENTER SYSTEMS: RingCentral announced a range of new video and team messaging capabilities including an overlay feature, virtual backgrounds and breakout rooms, as well as personal folders, external guest controls, and a message data export tool for team messaging.
  • CONTENT MARKETING: Knotch has added Outcome Scorecards to their Content Intelligence Platform that give users a score representing the impact their content is making in various business outcomes, while also providing external industry benchmarks and internal performance data to help prove progress.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Qumu, the cloud-based enterprise video technology provider, announced the release of its live captioning capabilities that provides AI-based translation of voice to on-screen captions for video viewers.
  • SM MONITORING: ListenFirst has added tracking Instagram data from boosted or promoted ad units to their enterprise social analytics platform, now providing users with a complete view of Paid performance across every key metric including Impressions, Clicks, Engagements, 95% Completed Video Views, and Spend.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Google announced updates to Google Meet, including a data saver mode that limits data usage on mobile networks; Auto Zoom, which uses AI to zoom in and position participants in front of their cameras; and improvements to low-light mode, a capability that leverages AI to brighten video in poorly lit environments.


  • DAM: Extreme Reach announced it will acquire Adstream, a global provider of digital asset management, creative logistics and analytics solutions, providing an all-in-one brand activation platform that removes complexity from the entire lifecycle of creative asset management, mitigating risk, restoring control and increasing agility, visibility and multi-team productivity.
  • MOBILE MARKETING: AppLovin announced the acquisition of Adjust, a global mobile app measurement and marketing company, providing a set of strategic SaaS mobile marketing solutions that expands the suite of innovative software tools for mobile app developers to grow their businesses.

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