New Tools in CLM, Analytics, E-Commerce, Data Management, Events and Advertising

What's New

New Products

  • CLM: Wealth Dynamix launched SaaS solution CLMi, helping relationship managers prioritize daily work, meet regulatory obligations through industry tested business processes, and facilitate focus on profitable outcomes for clients.
  • ANALYTICS: Qualtrics announced new operating system, XM/OS, enabling companies to bring together all of their experience data, analyze it, and easily take action. 
  • ECOMMERCE: Arc XP announced the launch of Arc Commerce, which equips brand marketers with the tools and capabilities to build deeper relationships with consumers through brand storytelling and drive omni-channel revenue goals. 
  • DATA MANAGEMENT: DoControl introduced a fully automated SaaS security platform, providing data access monitoring, orchestration, and remediation across major SaaS applications.
  • EVENTS: Touchcast unveiled their AI-powered virtual events platform and what once took days of pre- and post-production, can now be done in real time.
  • ADVERTISING: Jun Group launched its new self-service advertising platform for SMBs called Business+, making it easy for companies to access the most impactful online advertising inventory. 

Product Updates

  • WEB DEVELOPMENT: Brandcast released a new platform feature, Personal Engagement Analytics, giving enterprise business teams fine-grained security control and detailed engagement data for everything they publish online.
  • ANALYTICS: Indicative announced the release of Journeys, a new tool for mapping and visualizing the customer journey that empowers product managers to discover the paths that users most frequently take through websites and applications.
  • WEB OPTIMIZATION: WooRank announced the launch of the WooRank Assistant, providing customers with instant website feedback through an in-depth SEO analysis of any page on a website.
  • EVENTS: ON24 introduced a new enterprise solution to help companies enhance audience engagement and deliver actionable insights that seamlessly integrate with sales and marketing processes, bringing ON24 Live and On-Demand Captioning, ON24 Intelligence, and ON24 Connect together.
  • CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT: Sailthru announced new features for its automation tool, Lifecycle Optimizer, to help fully orchestrate customer touch points across channels by helping build more relevant, personalized journeys with enhanced post-purchase automation and personalized send time, helping gain more visibility into multi-channel journey performance with new interactive visualizations.


  • RETAIL: Targetable has acquired ShopAdvisor, creating a complete mobile marketing and social media promotional platform that helps brands with dynamic creation and management of social media ads, to critical analytics and attribution of the results.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Microsoft acquired Nuance, giving Microsoft the ability to empower healthcare providers through the power of ambient clinical intelligence and other Microsoft cloud services.
  • PODCASTING: Libsyn announced the acquisition of podcast monetization platform Glow, enabling podcasters on Libsyn’s 75,000+ podcasts to benefit from new monetization features including building membership programs and generating listener-supported revenue.
  • WEB DEVELOPMENT: Hyland has acquired Nuxeo, a content services platform and digital asset management provider, extending Hyland’s portfolio of content services platform offerings with powerful new capabilities including their AI/ML service, Nuxeo Insight. This will enable Hyland customers to automatically enrich even the largest content libraries with business-specific metadata, trigger workflows and provide valuable insights to their information.
  • MARKETING OPS: Vendr has acquired Capiche, helping bring transparency to all of SaaS by unlocking SaaS insights directly from the people who use the products every day, giving everyone the most timely and detailed insights to evaluate, purchase, and adopt the right tools. 

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