New Tools in Productivity, Web Development, Business Management and CMS

What's New

New Products

  • PRODUCTIVITY: GRID launched its no-code spreadsheet-to-web tool, enabling everyday spreadsheet users to build smart, interactive web documents and share them easily on the web.
  • WEB DEVELOPMENT: Entrust announced its Instant ID as a Service (IIDaaS) solution, offering a simple, secure, adaptable and efficient way to issue physical and digital IDs using a single, easy-to-use platform.
  • BUSINESS MANAGEMENT: Business continuity management solutions provider Castellan launched its new SaaS solution – offering a fully integrated software suite that uses automation and intelligence to solve operational resilience, business continuity, crisis management, and emergency notification challenges.
  • CMS: Mobile advertising platform Kargo announced the launch of Fabrik, a proprietary CMS to increase monetization opportunities for publishers and provide exclusive ad experiences for advertisers.

Product Updates

  • AUTOMATION: Marketing 360 introduced a new social insights tool to help make data-based decisions on social strategy.
  • ADVERTISING: Mindworks introduced a template-based playable ad builder to its Playturbo platform.
  • CONTENT MARKETING: Content services provider Hyland launched several new enhancements and solutions within their perceptive content platform, the content composer foundation, and the brainware foundation.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: Mobile data collection platform Device Magic announced Microsoft Excel files as a new data submission format option for a variety of destination types.
  • CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT: Upwave announced the addition of the Outperformance Indicator metric to its brand measurement platform, giving marketers the ability to make accurate media allocation and optimization decisions in-flight.


  • ECOMMERCE: Maropost acquired e-commerce platform Neto, allowing online retailers to scale businesses to any size.
  • CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT: Optimizely, a provider of tools for building websites and applications that drive digital experiences, announced it has acquired Zaius to add real-time customer data tracking to its platform.
  • ADVERTISING: Impact announced that it has acquired Trackonomics enhancing Impact’s publisher technology capabilities through the Partnership Cloud.
  • VIDEO: Virtual events platform Hopin acquired video platforms Streamable and Jamm.
  • BIG DATA: RingCentral acquired security technology company Kindite to deliver more secure business communications and video meetings.
  • CONTENT MARKETING: Crownpeak acquired DX platform provider e-Spirit, creating an agile DX platform that helps brands build trust and maximize customer lifetime value.
  • WEB DEVELOPMENT: UiPath has acquired Cloud Elements, a pioneering API integration platform, to offer enterprise-grade user interface (UI) and API-based automation capabilities in a single platform.

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