New Tools in Brand Management, Video Email, Virtual Events and Privacy Assessment

What's New

New Products

  • BRAND MANAGEMENT: Sightly announced the launch of its Brand Mentality platform, helping brands and agencies anticipate threats and opportunities and respond moment-by-moment in the market at speed and scale across multiple publishers and contexts.
  • VIDEO EMAILZyprr announced the launch of ZipperHQ, a video messaging software that anyone can use to create, share and analyze personalized video content over email, text message or within social channels.
  • VIRTUAL EVENTS: ON24 introduced Virtual Conference Professional, a new way to quickly deliver large-scale immersive and engaging digital event experiences for customers.
  • PRIVACY ASSESSMENT: TrustArc announced PrivacyCentral, a centralized data intelligence center that helps guide an organization’s privacy priorities, planning, readiness and demonstration of compliance. 

Product Updates

  • BUSINESS PROCESS AUTOMATION: Decisions has announced a major new release of their rules-based, no-code business process automation platform that is faster and enables a number of new deployment options.
  • ENTERPRISE DATA SECURITY: Lepide updated their Data Security Platform to bring a new functionality-orientated architecture that allows customers to apply isolated resources directly to the area of risk or focus at that time, to help scale and evolve the solution alongside business needs.
  • CRM: Thryv announced they have enhanced their CRM to provide more structured, industry-specific communication and workflow within its platform.
  • AUTOMATION: Agency Revolution announced new capabilities to its SaaS-based insurance marketing automation platform Fuse, increasing marketing efficacy, improving business intelligence, and streamlining agency operations.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: BasicOps’ team collaboration solution expands, offering a free version to help avoid workplace app overload and enhance productivity across teams.
  • MAIL: IgnitePOST launches Shopify App Version 2.0, allowing users to send robotically-handwritten, real pen & ink cards based on the actions users take on your Shopify shop.

Agency Services & Acquisitions

  • LEAD ACQUISITION: Conversion Logix announced the release of The Conversion Cloud Partner Program, a private-label SaaS tool aimed at helping agencies convert website visitors into actionable leads for their clients.
  • DIGITAL STRATEGY: Gate 39 Media launches a new website offering marketing and technology solutions for financial services and agribusinesses.
  • WORKFORCE OPTIMIZATION: Accenture has acquired fable+, a consulting firm specializing in business agility and analytics-driven transformation, that will bring Accenture highly specialized expertise focused on organizational transformation.


  • IDENTITY: Okta acquires cloud identity startup Auth0, adding an entirely new dimension to their identity platform that helps developers embed identity management into applications.
  • INTEGRATED MARKETING: Traject has acquired Sendible, a social media management platform that empowers agencies and marketers to easily collaborate and manage multiple brands.
  • COLLABORATION: Dropbox announced it will acquire DocSend, a secure document sharing and analytics company, bringing customers an end-to-end suite of secure, self-serve products for content collaboration, sharing, and e-signature.
  • CXMedallia announced it will acquire Decibel to seamlessly include always-on, unsolicited digital feedback into their platform, providing a single view of all customers and prospective customers at every point of their journey across all channels.
  • DXP: Sitecore announced it will acquire Boxever and Four51, accelerating the delivery of the first SaaS-based digital experience platform.

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