New Tools in Privacy, Identity, Advertising, and Data Management

What's New

New Products

  • PRIVACY: Data privacy software company Sourcepoint announced the launch of Privacy Lens, providing advertisers with a privacy measurement and analytics platform.
  • IDENTITY: Cozera launched identity service id-go to help companies that require digital identity verification balance providing consumers with fraud protection as well as a frictionless consumer experience.
  • ADVERTISING: Digital creative company Craftsman+ announced the launch of its Interactive Ad Builder (IAB), empowering marketers to take control of their ad production and build custom, interactive content in an easy-to-use, no-code environment.
  • DATA MANAGEMENT: Technology company Diyotta launched its new cloud-based solution Datom, allowing businesses to harness data to easily and securely move to the world’s most popular data warehouses, and access insights immediately.

Product Updates

  • PRODUCTIVITY: Google Workspace launched new tools and features to help users make the most of their time, collaborate equally, and deliver more impact, regardless of location.
  • SECURITY: Bitdam announced the availability of BitDam ATP+, their upgraded Advanced Threat Protection solution offering Office365 users comprehensive defense against malware, phishing, business email compromise attacks, account compromise and spam.
  • TRANSLATION: Cisco Webex introduced real-time translation from English into 100+ different languages to provide more inclusive meeting experiences.
  • INTELLIGENCE: BrandMuscle announced a new solution within its Intelligent Local Marketing Platform, Channel Partner Scorecard, that provides the tools and guidance to align local marketing execution with the corporate strategy.

Agency Services & Acquisitions

  • LEAD GEN: SquaredV announced the launch of its PaaS and AI-supported lead generation services.
  • DEVELOPMENT: Accenture acquires UK leadership and talent consultancy Cirrus, strengthening its development and coaching capabilities for leaders seeking C-suite transformations.
  • CX: BDO USA has acquired DemandGen, bolstering the marketing technology advisory capability within its BDO Digital division.
  • BX: Trendline Interactive acquires LeadMD to empower customers orchestration of buyer engagement across marketing, sales and customer success, via B2B, B2C or a blend of both.


  • CX MANAGEMENT: Cision has acquired Brandwatch, bringing PR, social media management, social listening and digital consumer intelligence together.
  • AUTOMATION: Gorilla Corporation acquired MarketingXpress, a software company that specializes in building channel marketing platforms.
  • CXM: Upland Software acquired cloud-based CDP BlueVenn, allowing customers to securely unify their consumer data and create greater digital engagement strategies.

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