New Tools in Targeting, Ecommerce, Analytics, Security and CX

What's New

New Products

  • TARGETING: ZoomInfo announced the launch of Targeted Audiences, to help marketers optimize advertising campaign precision and performance.
  • E-COMMERCE: Online business platform Dynamicweb launched the Dynamicweb Marketplace giving customers a more effective digital experience.
  • ANALYTICS: SaaS-based reporting analysis platform DataMyth launched to offer digital marketers automated solutions for smarter marketing.
  • SECURITY: OpenText announced the release of BrightCloud Cloud Service Intelligence, allowing partners to to identify, classify, and block/allow access based on the application’s classification, functions, and reputation score.
  • CX MANAGEMENT: Concentrix announced the launch of VOC Essentials, a solution that combines SaaS technology with preconfigured customer engagement best practices.

Product Updates

  • DIRECT MAIL: Postalytics announced customized envelopes as a new feature of their fully automated direct mail letter campaigns.
  • CX: Mobile live video platform Bambuser announced new features for audience engagement and accessibility.
  • AUTOMATION: End-to-end e-commerce platform Vendasta introduces new automation features that allow partners to build customized automated workflows with an easy-to-use interface, to quickly operationalize customer life cycle events.
  • VIDEO: Brightcove announced the launch of Brightcove Cloud Playout, a new feature that provides a broadcast-grade “live TV” experience that leverages pre-recorded content to increase audience engagement and create new revenue opportunities. 


  • ADVERTISING: Advertising platform Magnite has announced that it will acquire SpotX. Together they will provide better support for sellers, create an alternative to the CTV advertising market’s largest players, and greatly improve scale and efficiency for buyers.
  • CREATIVE AUTOMATION: Walmart acquired the technology and IP behind Thunder, an adtech solution focused on creative automation.
  • WORKFLOW: Box announced it will acquire e-signature startup SignRequest to give customers a seamless e-signature experience right where their content already lives.
  • ANALYTICS: Automattic’s WordPress VIP has acquired analytics solution to provide real-time content analytics along with its personalized recommendation engine.
  • E-COMMERCE: GoDaddy has acquired technology company Poynt to expand GoDaddy’s commerce services to help small businesses grow – both online and offline – using one platform.

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