New Tools for Customer Acquisition, Engagement, and Community

New Products

  • CUSTOMER ACQUISITION CustomMade Data is a new one-stop market database solution for all of your B2B business that allows you to reach every company and individual who matters in your sales cycle.
  • CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT Rewards Management Platform Giift announced the launch of Giift Engage, a unique marketing tool that helps drive customer engagement through rewards-based offers.
  • COMMUNITY Leading Content Intelligence Platform, Knotch announced the Pros & Content Community, becoming the world’s first community built by and for content leaders.

Product Updates

  • ECOMMERCE Digital River added three new accelerator programs to help brands quickly stand up a D2C commerce channel, while also easing many of the challenges often faced in the process, and helping to future-proof business on a global scale.
  • MPM Software provider Hive9 announced the availability of a suite of new features to accommodate complex marketing segmentation needs called Advanced Custom Attributes.
  • EMAIL The successful shared inbox solution Helpmonks released a Live-chat and Email Marketing platform to be able to respond faster to customer requests and generate more sales leads.


  • AI Cognizant acquired Inawisdom, which is being absorbed into their Contino offering to help businesses make better, faster decisions to improve business outcomes with their specialization in AI, machine learning and data analytics.
  • PODCAST Soon to shut down, Social podcasting app Breaker has been acquired by Twitter and will help them promote healthy public conversations moving forward.
  • CX Global leader in digital-first customer engagement software Khoros, announced the acquisition of innovative omnichannel CX analytics software maker Topbox, for a powerful new standard in AI-powered CX management.
  • CX CCM and engagement technology provider Doxim has acquired Laser Print Plus, a specialist in regulated customer communications.
  • PODCAST Amazon announced it is acquiring podcast network Wondery.

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