New Tools in Customer Experience, Data & Identity

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New Products

  • CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE Sitel Group launched EXP+, a customer experience platform with features for intelligent self-service and automation.
  • INFLUENCER Agency Viral Nation launched an influencer platform, Influsoft, with tools for tracking performance of social campaigns.
  • ADVERTISING AppsFlyer has launched Xpend, a cost aggregator for advertising.
  • MARKET RESEARCH Toluna launched Start, a platform for consumer intelligence. 
  • CONTENT Agency yellowHEAD released Alison, a platform for content intelligence.
  • ADVERTISING EDO launched Ad EnGage, a user-directed TV ad intelligence platform.

New Product Features

  • EMAIL Klaviyo has updated its email marketing platform with Custom Analytics, a flexible report builder for tracking campaign performance, flow performance, or user-designated metrics.
  • BRAND Comscore added new features to its Audience Activation platform, giving marketers greater ability to determine what content is safe and contextually relevant.
  • PRODUCTIVITY Airtable has updated its productivity platform, adding an apps marketplace and Automations, a feature that automatically sends customized emails, generates reports and performs repetitive steps.
  • AUDIENCE Google has updated all its properties, including YouTube, allowing users to build audiences based on interests or purchase intentions or by finding people who searched for defined terms on Google properties.
  • eCOMMERCE Etailz has rebranded as Kaspien, a platform for Amazon eCommerce.
  • DATA Enterprise data management platform Syncari has new features to better organize data and ensure clean data is fed to connecting apps. 
  • ACQUISITION Dugout, the customer acquisition platform from Centerfield, now has speech analytics for extracting actionable intelligence from phone calls.
  • AUDIENCE Affinity Answers has rebranded its AudiencePlanner tool as FanFinder360°, with features to identify fans of products and celebrities through social engagements, so marketers know where to find and activate them.
  • eCOMMERCE Remarkety has added tools to its eCommerce platform enabling marketers to create and deliver personalized, hyper-targeted SMS messages.
  • CHAT Chatfunnels has a new feature enabling marketers to A/B test the chat bots they’ve built on the platform. 
  • MARKETING OPERATIONS Plannuh, the marketing planning platform, has new features to consistently measure the ROI of marketing campaigns.
  • TRAINING Allego updated its learning management platform with a new design, enabling users to find find time-critical content.
  • INTELLIGENCE Consumer intelligence platform Buxton has new tools for analytics. 
  • AUTOMATION Jeto, which enables non-technical users to launch Marketo campaigns, has new tools for designing email and landing pages.

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