New Tools for Call Centers

New Products

  • SEARCH BiQ launched Content Intelligence, a tool helping marketers produce highly-optimized content. 
  • CMS Sitecore Experience Edge was launched as a headless CMS enabling marketers to publish content to any device or channel, from watches and phones to tablets and voice-controlled devices.
  • AUDIO Techsmith launched Audiate, a tool enabling users to quickly edit voice files. 
  • DIRECT MAIL giftgoat is a new platform offering scheduled, hand-written cards.
  • ATTRIBUTION Canopy IQ is a multi-channel attribution platform launched first for Senior Living providers searching for data-driven business intelligence.
  • LEAD GEN Aventri Digital Lead Capture enables sponsors and exhibitors to connect with event leads face-to-face and convert them into qualified opportunities.

New Features

  • PR Media monitoring tool Signal AI has a new dashboard for real-time, visualized analytics.
  • SALES Cogito updated the coaching system within its call analytics platform so it better understands human behavior.
  • CONTENT NetLine has new ability to offer insight into in-market behavior at the buyer-level within its lead-generation platform.
  • CONVERSATIONAL MARKETING Chorus.AI is now able to surface conversational intelligence right in the CRM that marketers use. 
  • TRANSLATION Smartling has new features for transcreation, the process of re-writing the meaning, intent, style, and tone of the source text to be culturally appropriate for each market. 
  • SALES Outreach added Insights to its sales platform, enabling users to leverage new buyer sentiment analysis features.
  • CONTACT CENTER Upstream’s platform for omnichannel customer communication has a new knowledge center to support agent success. 


  • eCOMMERCE FedEx acquired ShopRunner, an eCommerce platform with tools to make the shopper’s journey seamless while offering free shipping. 
  • LOCATION-BASED MARKETING Location intelligence vendor Esri has acquired Zibumi, a Turkish software development company known for its CitiGenius products using automated 3D data.
  • eCOMMERCE eCommerce platform Springbot acquired Matcha, a blogging tool for eCommerce brands. This marks the first acquisition by Springbot in its vision to be the all-in-one marketing platform of choice for SMB retailers.
  • SALES Allego, vendor of sales learning and enablement tools, acquired Refract and its expertise in analytics solutions for sales conducted in multiple languages. 
  • CUSTOMER Small-Teams CRM vendor BigContacts was acquired by ProProfs, which produces tools for customer engagement. 

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