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Near Media’s newsletter and podcast comes highly recommended. New Media provides unique insights into the digital ecosystem through its first-party research, a newsletter, and weekly podcast.


Customer Experience Decoded is CMSWire’s semi-monthly podcast designed to deliver insights from leaders driving the evolution of customer experience, with an emphasis on digital touchpoints, customer journeys, respectful data management, and the voice of the customer. Each episode is designed to help you better understand how industry leaders are managing customer experience and the value these practices can bring to your customers’ and employee’s daily lives. Have a question, comment, idea, or guest suggestion? Drop us a line at [email protected].


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The Impact of New Technology

Posted by Charlie Saunders, Co-Founder of CS2 on LinkedIn, this chart is a simple yet effective representation of what happens when more tools are added to the MarTech Stack and highlights the need to add resources as stacks increase in complexity.  Charlie says “Yes, some tech out there makes MOps’ jobs easier but 99% of the time more tech adds complexity. Exponentially.  With each tool you need to think about: implementation, integrations, order of operations, data flow, data sync, legacy issues to work around, day-to-day management, maintenance, troubleshooting, training, onboarding, and adoption.  And that’s why the #1 reason for new tool implementation failure is lack of human power and resources.”  Find Charlie on LinkedIn, catch him on his podcast, FWD: Thinking, or check out what he does at CS2 Marketing.


The MarTech Innovation Report

Check out the latest version of CabinetM’s MarTech Innovation report to see all the latest new product announcements, acquisitions, and new MarTech investment.

New Product Spotlight

BigID introduced, a freemium, pay-as-you-go, privacy-on-demand SaaS for companies without dedicated privacy offices, enabling organizations of all sizes to automate and intuitively manage the customer privacy experience, preferences and consent management, and privacy requests.

Amplitude introduced their Digital Optimization System, to manage, measure and optimize the business value of digital product innovation, as well as Amplitude Recommend, their new personalization product that leverages customer behavior data in the digital product and ML models to determine which behaviors result in the optimal business outcome.

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